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Research Stories

May 16 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Pascaline Dupas has spent a good chunk of the last decade conducting experiments to determine how best to price, target and distribute essential health products in developing countries.
Apr 25 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
When policymakers tackle poverty alleviation, they often overlook a critical element: migration. But understanding why people move or don’t move matters, says Melanie Morten, who is working on mathematically modeling migration.
Apr 19 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
Gaps in social science knowledge of climate change constrain the policy impact of natural science research, says Marshall Burke.
Apr 1 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
How did legalizing abortion affect women's contraceptive use in Nepal?
Mar 4 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
Research by Eesley shows that an innovative product isn't necessarily enough for entrepreneurial success in China.
Mar 3 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
In a world where the mercury is rising, Marshall Burke examines how warming temperatures will affect global output.
Feb 9 2016 | Posted In: Graduate Student Profiles
Michela Giorcelli, a SCID Graduate Student Fellow, took a look at post World War II Europe to find that skill-building training can have more of an impact in a developing country than newfangled machinery alone.
Jan 19 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Pollution is often accepted as an unavoidable cost of China's industrial and economic boom. But Hongbin Li is proving that trade-off is shaving years from people’s lives.
Jan 5 2016 | Posted In: Field Notes
SCID India Program Director Anjini Kochar discusses paradoxes from the field.
Dec 7 2015 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
What policies are most effective in reducing HIV/AIDS transmission and teen pregnancy in Kenya?
Nov 25 2015 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
In light of burgeoning international trade, SCID Faculty Affiliates Nick Bloom and Kalina Manova provide the first evidence on the importance of management practices for firm’s export performance. 
Nov 16 2015 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Chandrasekhar’s findings will potentially help policymakers design development programs that take best possible advantage of village networks and sidestep obstacles to information sharing.