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Nov 13 2015 | Posted In: Announcements
SCID is pleased to announce that three Stanford PhD students have been selected to receive Graduate Student Fellowships in international development.
Nov 11 2015 | Posted In: News
Stanford economist Michael Boskin says the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership should expand trade and increase growth in the U.S., though some businesses and workers may encounter stiffer competition from imported goods.
Nov 10 2015 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
SCID scholars are studying whether the Chinese model of moving up from low-value processes like electronics assembly to more profitable and technologically sophisticated operations represents a workable example for other countries.
Nov 3 2015 | Posted In: News
World Bank leader Jim Yong Kim urges Stanford students and faculty to continue their efforts to eliminate poverty and improve public health globally.
Oct 29 2015 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Marcella Alsan has found her vocation as a physician/economist working at the intersection of global economics and health.
Oct 27 2015 | Posted In: News
Indian cities are bustling centers of business, yet poor sewerage networks, roads, and housing fail to meet the needs of rapidly swelling populations. India is home to nearly a fifth of the world’s population, so there much is at stake in getting urbanization right.
Oct 12 2015 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Ran Abramitzky argues that relaxing immigration rules would reinforce a safety valve in developing countries that allows people with few options to seek better lives elsewhere.
Sep 28 2015 | Posted In: News
SCID India Program Director Anjini Kochar and SCID Faculty Affiliate Roger Noll participated in a roundtable meeting on renewable energy.
Sep 23 2015 | Posted In: Announcements
The Stanford Center for International Development is pleased to announce a request for proposals for SCID’s graduate student research grant program in international economic development.
Sep 21 2015 | Posted In: Graduate Student Profiles
Emanuele Colonnelli, a SCID Graduate Student Fellow, studies corruption, transparency and the efficiency loss when economic decisions are based on connections rather than merit.