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Feb 9 2016 | Posted In: Student Profiles, SCID News
Michela Giorcelli, a SCID Graduate Student Fellow, took a look at post World War II Europe to find that skill-building training can have more of an impact in a developing country than newfangled machinery alone.
Jan 19 2016 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
This fellowship honors Professor Ronald I. McKinnon’s memory by funding outstanding undergraduate and graduate research in the areas of international economics, international finance and economic development.
Jan 14 2016 | Posted In: In the News, SCID News
The International Growth Centre showcased three innovative studies presented at the "Firms, Trade, and Development" conference at Stanford.
Jan 6 2016 | Posted In: In the News, SCID News
SCID Faculty Affiliate Nicholas Bloom was featured by The New York Times for his research on the growing gap between the rich and poor. 
Jan 5 2016 | Posted In: In the News
SCID India Program Director Anjini Kochar discusses paradoxes from the field.
Dec 7 2015 | Posted In: Research Spotlights, SCID News
What policies are most effective in reducing HIV/AIDS transmission and teen pregnancy in Kenya?
Dec 2 2015 | Posted In: In the News, SCID News
Esther Duflo emphasizes policy implementation at SCID's "Firms, Trade and Development" conference.
Nov 24 2015 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
SCID is pleased to host the Pacific Conference for Development Economics (PacDev) on March 5, 2016.  Paper submissions are now being accepted through Wednesday, December 2, 2016.  
Nov 16 2015 | Posted In: Meet the Researchers, SCID News
Chandrasekhar’s findings will potentially help policymakers design development programs that take best possible advantage of village networks and sidestep obstacles to information sharing.
Nov 13 2015 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
SCID is pleased to announce that three Stanford PhD students have been selected to receive Graduate Student Fellowships in international development.