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Jun 28 2016 | Posted In: News
During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held at Stanford, SCID convened a session on entrepreneurship in China featuring Didi Chuxing president Jean Liu. 
Jun 9 2016 | Posted In: News
Raghuram Rajan keynoted SCID's 17th Annual Conference on Indian Economic Policy Reform, which focused on finance and infrastructure.
Jun 2 2016 | Posted In: News
A new research project led by SCID Faculty Affiliate Beatriz Magaloni will examine the nature of police corruption in Mexico and make recommendations for reforming that country’s law enforcement institutions.
May 25 2016 | Posted In: News
Nick Bloom was featured by the Harvard Business Review for his research on the widening gap in wages between top firms and the rest.
May 16 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
Pascaline Dupas has spent a good chunk of the last decade conducting experiments to determine how best to price, target and distribute essential health products in developing countries.
May 14 2016 | Posted In: Announcements
SCID is pleased to announce that six Stanford PhD students have been selected to receive Graduate Student Fellowships in international development.
May 13 2016 | Posted In: News
Following decades of double-digit growth rates, Chinese scholars say lower growth is here to stay.
Apr 25 2016 | Posted In: Featured Scholars
When policymakers tackle poverty alleviation, they often overlook a critical element: migration. But understanding why people move or don’t move matters, says Melanie Morten, who is working on mathematically modeling migration.
Apr 25 2016 | Posted In: News
SCID India Program Director Anjini Kochar participated in “Forecast Asia: The Next India,” an event hosted by Asia Society Northern California. 
Apr 19 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
Gaps in social science knowledge of climate change constrain the policy impact of natural science research, says Marshall Burke.