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Nov 22 2016 | Posted In: In the News, SCID News
Studies presented at a two-day conference offer important insights into a crucial question that SCID and other scholars have long sought to answer: why the economies of developing countries are far less productive than the economies of developed countries.
Nov 20 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights
A new study by SCID Director Grant Miller and fellow Stanford researchers documents how an ambulance service is helping to lower newborn deaths, one of the most challenging health dilemmas plaguing India today.
Nov 18 2016 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
SCID is pleased to announce that five Stanford PhD students have been selected to receive Graduate Student Fellowships in international development.
Oct 18 2016 | Posted In: Meet the Researchers, SCID News
For 35 years, Marcel Fafchamps has seen one proposal after another for helping the poor come into vogue, vanish and reappear. The problem, he says, is that one-size-fits-all solutions to poverty in the developing world tend to be driven from the top-down.
Sep 29 2016 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
We are soliciting papers for the first annual joint Berkeley-Stanford Health Economics Workshop.  The deadline for submissions is October 28.
Sep 29 2016 | Posted In: Research Spotlights, SCID News
Why is malnutrition in central India so high and so persistent despite rising incomes? Anjini Kochar shows that cropping choices largely influence nutrition because of households’ savings choices.
Sep 28 2016 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
The Stanford Center for International Development is pleased to announce a request for proposals for SCID’s Graduate Student Research Grant Program in international economic development.
Aug 30 2016 | Posted In: In the News, SCID News
Chinese novelist, doctor and investor Feng Tang delivered the fifth annual Kuo Shu Liang memorial lecture on two topics closest to him: health care and writing.
Aug 22 2016 | Posted In: Announcements, SCID News
The WGAPE Fall Regional Meeting will be held November 18-19 at the Stanford Center for International Development. Papers must be submitted by October 3, 2016.
Aug 2 2016 | Posted In: Meet the Researchers, SCID News
Scott Rozelle’s research encapsulates the multidisciplinary nature of rural development, spanning from agricultural productivity to the nutritional value of school lunches to parenting routines.