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A female farmer stands in a maize field in rural Kenya.
Feb 17, 2017

By using high-res images taken by the latest generation of compact satellites, SCID Faculty Affiliate Marshall Burke and fellow researchers have developed a new capability for estimating crop yields from space. Measuring yields could improve productivity and eventually reduce hunger.

Aerial view of the Gunn building and adjacent courtyard at Stanford University
Feb 2, 2017

This fellowship honors Professor Ronald I. McKinnon’s memory by funding outstanding undergraduate and graduate research in the areas of international economics, international finance, and economic development.

Two kids eat a school lunch in China
Feb 24, 2017

Sponsored by SCID and Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), the first annual joint Stanford-Berkeley Workshop on Health Economics is being held at Stanford University.

SIEPR courtyard
May 6, 2017
This event aims to give PhD students from U.S. institutions a chance to present their research and learn about what other students are working on in applied micro topics related to development economics and political economy. 
Women and their kids sit on the porch of the Wellbody Clinic in a rural area of Sierra Leone.
Jan 24, 2017
Research led by Grant Miller found that abortion rates rose in sub-Saharan Africa when U.S. funding was restricted.
A man stands in the gap between two corrugated metal sheets holding a survey questionnaire.
Dec 13, 2016
Stanford graduate students confronted the difficulties of fieldwork in a developing country: frequent power outages, unreliable internet access, and a broader context of rising ethnic tensions and anti-government protests.