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On May 28-29, 2015, SCID hosts a conference on Indian economic growth entitled “Re-igniting India’s Growth: Perspectives from Business, Engineering Medicine and Economics”. The conference is co-sponsored with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, the Engineering School, the Medical School, and the Office of the Dean of Research.

The conference is the first to bring together researchers from multiple schools across the University to discuss India’s economic growth. The multi-disciplinary perspective is in keeping with many of the Government of India’s recent policies that attempt to leverage technology to ensure productivity gains in critical sectors, including business, agriculture and the social sectors.

The conference draws on the extensive expertise inside the University on the Indian economy, and combines this with the acumen and experience of leading researchers, policy makers, members of the business community and other professionals, both from India and from the US. It features four panel sessions that will present and debate perspectives from economics, business, engineering and medical sectors, and discuss how best to combine these to ensure sustained high growth in the Indian economy.

Each session features a distinguished panel of speakers, and will be followed by a lengthy floor discussion. Nandan Nilekani, the Indian entrepreneur and politician, will be speaking on Thursday, May 28th. President John Hennessy will address the conference on Friday, May 29th. Also feature on that day are Mr. Montek Ahluwalia, former Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission, and Mr. K. Ram Shriram, Managing Partner, Sherpalo Ventures.

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May 2015
May 2015 Location: SIEPR, Koret-Taube Conference Room 130
Re-Igniting India's Growth: Perspectives from Business, Engineering, Medicine, and Economics
SCID India Conference
May 28-29, 2015

May 2015 Location: SIEPR, Koret-Taube Conference Room 130
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May 30, 2015