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Welcome to SCID

Jan 19, 2016

The Stanford Center for International Development is pleased to announce the Ronald McKinnon Memorial Fellowship. This fellowship honors Professor Ronald I. McKinnon’s memory by funding outstanding undergraduate and graduate research in the areas of international economics, international finance and economic development.

A graduate student listens attentively to conference presentations
Jan 14, 2016

The International Growth Centre showcased three innovative studies presented at the "Firms, Trade, and Development" conference at Stanford.

SIEPR courtyard
Mar 5, 2016

The 2016 Pacific Conference for Development Economics (PacDev) will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at the Stanford Center for International Development (SCID).

Preliminary Agenda

Apr 5, 2016

Faculty and graduate students are invited to a lecture by Melanie Morten, Associate Professor of Economics at Stanford University.

A mother carries her child through crop fields in rural Kenya
Dec 7, 2015
What policies are most effective in reducing HIV/AIDS transmission and teen pregnancy in Kenya?
Jun 19, 2015
Can improved access to information loosen the grip of tribal allegiances and open a path to better governance?